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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

He Was Looking To...The Sky.

Sooo much stuff! Ok, i'll start off with the gigantic part.

DS. What else to say? Ahhh...the dance! It was the best dance of my LIFE! I mean it. We were slow danceing withh ALL of our body parts touching (remember, we're both 14:) and it was incredible. We were texting later and he said how he really wanted to kiss me...i said he should have :) (Never been kissed...yet) And it was truely just amazing. :)
Then I came home...
Got on facebook...
Talked to cousin A...
(Remember how she and DS dated?)
She freaked out about us going to the dance together...DS told A that he liked me [:)] but she got super pissed. I explained it wasn't like official (yet) or anything...but she didn't care. The next day she wouldn't even make small talk with me...she said "If it were anyone else i wouldn't care." Fuck no. She'd be just as pissed. She's just using the whole "cousins" thing as an excuse. Whatever. Yesterday and today she's talked a little to me. Not like before. I wonder if it ever will be? I'm goona make it like before...even if I'm mad.

So, I called my friend D and i cried on the phone to her. A. made me feel like i was this terrible person for having feelings for DS...when i know I'm not. I mean- we both said we'd never fall for each just wouldn't happen. But it did, and we're trying to deal with everything that comes with it.
Next Topic

Weight: Unsure.

Starting tomorrow I'm goona try eat Healthy/ish. My goal is 1000 cal. a day. Notice how i put the cap. letter on Healthy'ish? I did :)

Band contests was today. I play alto sax. (incase ya forgot) and i got a +1 (best ya can get) I was really happy. I worked hard on that...and altho i messed up some easy parts, i think it was alright.

Life's moving fast for me. Summer is coming up (less than 10 days because of track meets) Speaking of track: I freakin' hate it. Why would I wanna run 2 mile? I don't! That's why! I just goota remember that it's almost over...and i need it. I've been wearing only my loose pants. I don't know what i can fit into.

I'll try to post everyday, at least once, but no promises. Sorry. I'm trying. Holy crap, that was a long post! :)

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  1. Ugh, boy drama! Don't let her get to you, hun, just keep working with her and she'll come round :) Things will go back to normal soon.

    Wait...I thought you liked track? haha what happened? Anyway, just think of all the cals you'll burn in those two miles. And awesome job in band! Idk much about band, but getting a +1 best-you-can-get sounds ultra-impressive :D

    Good luck with Healthy/ish!! <3