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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Saturday, April 30, 2011

You're One Of A Kind.

Weight: 132.2 [-1.0]

How did i lose a pound when i ate more than 1000 cal.?

I so don't get that.

I hope i get the same results, cause i already ate about 600.

And I Like The Way That We Kiss.

Most amazing dance of my life.

One of the worst nights tho, after it.

Friday, April 29, 2011


My hair is still damp from my shower last night.
I'm pretty sure it's really 133.
My BROTHER (always been the small, short one) is almost as tall as i am now, and he's 132. I told him we're the same weight. He thought i was more.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Focus Now.

Ok, quick before i go to bed.

Total: 400ish. Not exactly sure. But i know it can't be more than 410.

Weight: Won't tell.

Haha, i know, I'm mean. Actually, my weight dissapointed me greatly this morning. I thought i would be atleast a pound or two less. Nope. Before showering i was .8 less. That's a good sign.

School concert tomorrow night and then dance. I'm so nervous I'll embaress myself. I tend to do that alot.

I'll tell you my weight tomorrow morning...If i don't then, i know i won't untill Sat. which it WILL be less. So basically i know i will.

This eating less is amazing. I feel lighter, altho i'm really not. My stomach is back down. I'm almost liking it. Almost.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All I Can Breathe Is Your Air.

Haha, wanna know something SUPER sad? I thought i should run a bit today...just got done...did 2 1/2 laps before quitting. This is why I'm a chub.

My intake:
cough drops (0)

OMGOSH!!!! I JUST LOOKED UP COUGH DROPS AND THEY'RE 15 CAL. PER ONE! I had like 5 today! That's like...75 cal.! Oh, my gosh. I'm really mad now.

Ugh, I might as well finish my intake. I had chicken fried steak (200ish) and two diet cokes (0).

And, I'll have one popsicle, because I'm hungry. So, I'll be at around 300, which was my goal, but I'm still mad. Remind me not to be so stupid. Ugh. I'm like really mad right now. Like, I can't even explain it. That's like how much i burned. Not worth it, at all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Was Born To Tell You I Love You.

Weight: ?

I haven't weighed in for awhile, just couldn't. I will on Fri. tho. I hope I'm at like 130ish, I'm goona push myself.

Today I've done amazing, I'm at about 100-130ish. But I know I burned it in the stupid freezing practice. I love rain, but not when it's cold too.

We have a dance on Fri, that's why I'm trying so hard. D.S. is my date :) Haha, C (a friend of his and mine) is goona text my cousin A and say she needs dance lessons from me. Haha, i suck at dancing, but it'll be funny, kinda mean, but hey, she says she doesn't care, so we'll see.

I ate SOOOO much over Easter...and even before that. My pants are digustingly tight...even the loose ones. My mom made BQ's, but i think I'll throw mine out and eat a granola bar or something later. I'd really like to be at about 200 cals today, and then tomorrow at like 300, and then as little as possible one Thurs. (we have a track meet that BETTER not get cancelled)

I wanna thank you for your amazing comments. Honestly, it's incredible how much i care about some of you. You guys' thoughts are so similar to mine, it's almost scary. Good scary tho. :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Super Duper Nothing.

Got my hair highlighted for the first time. It was pretty funny. My mom was going through the bathroom and saw this old kit from literally 8 years ago. I've been wanting to for awhile now, so we tried it.

It's very suttle. No one will notice except me and my mom probably. I'm ok with that. I hate streaks on people. It looks tacky.

Oh, P.S. I have really long blonde hair.

No school today. Snow...again.

Not counting, but still watchin' it.

I'm leaving Sun. at 7:45A.M. for state FCCLA. I might post before that. I don't know.

I have reasons for not posting. I don't really wanna think about them right now tho. I'll tell ya when i can.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My First Time.

I'm alive.
I know i haven't posted in a few day, i'm sure it'll be a few more before a real ones comes.
I have so much on my plate (unintentional) and i'm very overwelmed.
Please don't write any inspiring quotes about how I'll get over it and we "all have those days".
Sorry, I'm not goona listen.
I need to rest.
I need to think.
I need to freakin' live.
I want to try.

Saturday, April 9, 2011


I'm up.
My stomach hurts.
My body's sore.
I didn't work out. Family wouldn't drive me.
I'm tired.
I'll eat alot in front of everyone tonight.
I'll be super fat by tomorrow.
I'll watch it then.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Today Is NOT The Happiest Day Of Her Life.

I'll be up a few tomorrow.

I Know My Heart, And It Won't Ever Change.

Intake: ALOT.
Ok, I think under 1000, but still.
Weight: 131.4 [-3.6]
How the crap do i lose 3.6 pounds in one day?
I don't get it.
I'm happy, but still.
Tomorrow I'll have a gain, I'm sure.
Why? I ate a ton. Lunch and breakfast together were def. under 500, but dinner was probably like i'm probably 900ish. We went to this buffet...and i tend to eat alot at them ):
Oh, and tomorrow we're going to another one for my late bday party. D,S,and A are invited.

A and I were just texting, and we're goona stay in shape in the summer. I was already going to try, but now i have a running buddy. We're goona just run for like a certain amount of min every day or whatever. We're not sure yet how long. We're goona wait untill track is almost over to figure that out. I have more i could say on track, but i don't feel like typing. Maybe tonight? Doubt it. Oh, and I hope to run in the mornings too. I wanna run the long loop (3.5 mile) kinda earlish, and then do whatever all day, and then run at night with her. She doesn't wanna run in the mornings. I understand.
I'm goona work out tomorrow before we go. I think I'll wake up at 9, go at 9:30, be done by 11:30. I'm going for 600 burned, because I know I'll need it for dinner tomorrow. I think I'll skip lunch...just to be safe...and eat like 100ish for lunch. I don't know.
My face is burned from yesterday ):
Sorry this post is random and long. I'm alwayz.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'll Stand By You.

Got a sun burn at track, funny because we all thought it was goona get rained out.
Got 4th in hurdles and long jump, altho long jump was pretty bad.
Got 2nd in the medly.
Ok with today, i guess.

1 granola bar (90)
1 jello (10)
1 banana (110)
1/2 serving small potato oles (150ish)
1 oreo (50)

Total: 410

Yes, the oreo was terrible, but i REALLY wanted chocolate. And the oles i had to have because we went to taco johns after the meet and i had to order something. I couldn't think of anything with less calories/no meat. BUT I managed to give half away :)
I felt terrible this morning (on the way to the meet) and just wanted to die. Ok, exageration, maybe... BUT i found out i got my period when i got there...(good thing I'm always prepared)...and that was probably why.
I'm also really hoping that's why i still weigh so much...and look so bloated.


I was sooo mad last night. After coming home from CCD i decided to weigh myself. I knew I'd be alot...but i figure at the MOST 136. It was 138.4. The highest i have ever been.

I wanted to freak out but i didn't.

This morning it was 135. Down some...but still pathedically pathedic.

Why am I so fat?

Cause i eat so much.

I'm going to stop that today (eating so much)

And I'm going to run fast and jump far.

And just pray the meet doesn't get cancelled.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Heart Was Pure.

So much to write, but i don't wanna write it all. Sorry.
But, for now, I'll fill ya in on a few things.
IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! Ha, i turned 14. I'm older, haha. I like it :)

Um, since i was turning 14 i figure i could eat whatever on Mon. and Tues. and so practice yesterday= super bloated tummy that stuck out like a sore thumb. Yeah, i talk older now too. Haha, just kidding.

I'm not sure about what I'm at now...under 500 I'm sure tho. I'm just goona have a salad and maybe a jello, I'll stay under 100 tho, because i have a MEET TOMORROW! Man, I'm excited. DS is goona be there, so I'm probably goona try to impress him and mess up. Oh well, I'm still super excited.

My goal tomorrow is to bring like 5 jellos..and i few other things...but everything has to be super low cal, because i eat alot at track meets. I don't understand that tho. You'd think I'd barely eat, but i eat EVERYTHING i bring. Remind me to only bring like 100 cal of food, haha.

I'll probably post again tonight, just cause i haven't in a couple days. Sorry about that. Haha, i honestly didn't have time. I never really do, anymore.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ha. I just laughed. Yes, the title is correct.

After that last post like 15 min ago, I binged.

I'm so stupid, that I'm smart. I went for the healthy/ish foods.

2 string cheeses.
1 serving tuna.
1 granola bar with peanut butter.
1 hard boiled egg.

Pathedic i ate so much. Funny it won't kill me. Ha.

All In.

I think i drank like 7 of the 16.9 fl of water, not my goal, but kind of close.

Worked out 400 cal, again not goal.

Ate...alot. No meals tho, just tons of cookies...all day.

Conquered myself tho. I mean, I wanted to binge, thinking about the day, but i didn't. I didn't allow to eat cereal (my worst binge food) so i AM proud of that.

Thank you so much Thin Is Everything. You're last comment, about wanting to cry about hearing about what my mom said, made me think of things differently. You're right. I guess i always thought that i needed to be mad to do good, but i don't. I just need to do it. I don't know. Thanks tho.


I'm goona drink 10x16.9 fl of it.

Last post got deleted. UGH, it was LONG.

Goal: burn 500 cal. no food but the three cookies I've already had. Mushrooms if desperate. Cake at like 9 for uncles b-day.

Gain 2 pounds. Hoping to make a slight loss. Come monday, i'll have 300 cal. a day. Cause i need it. Badly.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hands On Me.

Mom was rubbing my back. Made one to many back fat jokes. Tomorrow will be a good day, i'll make it one.

I'm A Creep.

Fishsticks and Tatertots. Why oh why were you served at lunch? Ok, i could i have lived with eating a ton of you, whatever. Stupid delicious smores pie thing. Why did we get to eat you? Ugh. I don't know what my intake was. Like i said, a ton of fishsticks and tatertots. I ate some because i figured i rarely eat the meal (always meat) and so i should eat some. It was yummy, but way to much. Then, afterwards another class gave us this absolutely amazing smore thing that just blew my mind. I have a gigantic sweet tooth, and these were just fantatic. Honestly top 5 things every eaten, and i've eaten alot of food.

I'm sure I gained, so I'll have 5x16.9 fl of water before bed, and i just drank a diet coke. I hope I don't gain more than a few ounces. I'll check before I shower later and then tell ya. It's usually atleast a pound down from that.

And I decided against ABC diet. I feel like i can just set my own goals? Thank you to everyone, and yes, there were like 5 or 6 people who continue to comment. You make my day :)


Weight: 130.4 [-1.8]

Yes! :) 500 for today tho, my tummy feels messed up?